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Elevators Test Under New Moisture Standard

In Fall 2012, the Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) implemented a new federal standard for testing grain moisture at official check stations – the Universal Grain Moisture Algorithm (UGMA.) Along with this new standard, GIPSA approved two moisture testers as UGMA-compatible – including the DICKEY-john GAC® 2500-UGMA Moisture Tester.

To comply with the new UGMA standard, all official grain grading agencies and any elevator that performs on-site official grading were required to upgrade their older-technology moisture testers to the new UGMA-certified instruments. Many of the elevators you do business with today have also upgraded their instruments to the new UGMA technology to ensure they receive the most accurate readings and match the official grading agencies.

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Impact on the Farm

The UGMA-compatible moisture testers in use at these elevators utilize a new 149-MHz technology, which reads more accurately than conventional moisture testers on the market today. Tests performed in DICKEY-john’s lab showed that extremely wet or dry grain can result in a disparity of up to 0.8% between UGMA-compatible instruments and those used on the farm.

The impact of the UGMA standard on the farming community will vary from no immediate impact to disparity in moisture readings on the farm and at the elevator, which can result in lost profits. The key to whether not your operation will be affected depends on whether or not your elevator has upgraded to a UGMA-compatible moisture tester.

Moisture Tester Designed for Elevator Accuracy

If your local elevator has upgraded to the new UGMA technology, you are not out of luck. DICKEY-john recently designed the GAC® 2500-AGRI – a moisture tester for the farm that closely matches the new UGMA-compatible instruments in use at many local elevators and official check stations.

The new DICKEY-john GAC 2500-AGRI Moisture Tester offers many features for more accurate, reliable results:
Utilizes 149 MHz technology to provide elevator-like results
Easy-to-use, intuitive color touchscreen eliminates operator training
Accurate temperature-sensing capabilities allow you to measure frozen and hot grain